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Reduce risks and save time and money by taking advantage of our comprehensive logistics offering. If you wish, we fully take care of the warehousing, quality management, pick and pack, the shipping and the entire returning management.

Especially for international companies aiming to establish themselves in the german market, the storage and the shipping of the products present a major obstacle. Even smaller national companies can severely benefit from our offer in order to avoid major risks and reduce costs.

By using our logistics-offer you have no need for i.e. a own warehouse, packaging materials and warehouse employees. We can provide all the logistics for you. That way, you not only reduce the risks that come with the storage (large warehouses, underutilized employees, unusable materials, etc.) but you can also save substantial amounts of fixed costs.

PeWa Solutions Logistik
PeWa Solutions Lagerung

Storage and Processing

Careful and safe storage of your goods

Quality control

Pick & Pack

Multimedia Data Processing



Careful packaging in fitted cardboard boxes

Europe-wide shipping at low rates with our partner DHL

Processing time <12 hours

Delivery of more than 95% of orders within 24 hours

Cut-off time after 4 p.m.

Tracking-Nr.-system by DHL

PeWa Solutions Versand