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In the 21st century online shopping has become part of our daily life. While one had to push through heavily crowded department stores 15 years ago, the modern customer can order his favourite products sitting on the couch at home or using his smartphone app.


For the customer, the buying experience already starts with the search for an appealing web shop or the desired product on a online marketplace. For the buyer, the transaction ends when he receives the purchase confirmation, he now only hopes for a fast delivery by the parcel service. However, for the retailer, the hard work just begun: The stored items must be removed from the stock, be tested, packaged and handed over to the parcel service. At the same time, the warehouse, the products and the online store need to be maintained and the customer has to be taken care of professionally. All of these steps must be coordinated perfectly.


Ultimately the shopping experience, the delivery time, the packaging, the quality of the article and last but not least the customer service are important decision-making-factors for the buyer.


If you are looking for a trustworthy and professional E-commerce & Logistics partner, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to send you an individual offer.


PeWa Solutions offers customized and individual E-Commerce & Fulfillment-concepts:

PeWa Solutions Beratung

Development of in personal consultations customized solutions

Programming of a modern, multilingual and responsive online store


Administration of your product portfolio through powerful merchandise management-system

Online order processing and management system: multichannel solutions, interfaces to bank accounts, financial software, shipping partners etc.

PeWa Solutions Multichannel
PeWa Solutions Logistik

Storage in geostrategic logistics centres

Extensive quality control of your products

Professional Pick & Pack process

B2B and B2C-fulfillment

Management of returned items

Maintenance of the web store

Customer service through telephone, mail and chat

PeWa Solutions Service